“Giro d’Italia” in 100 days

1 Harley
1 Country
20 regions
100 days

these are the ingredients to complete this challenge on my Harley, which will begun on March the 6th 2015 until the end June the 13th.

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What has been and what is still Il Giro d’Italia?
Il Giro d’Italia project was the first milestone of my new lifestyle.
Without knowing it I was looking for myself, an identity, knowing my country, becoming a friend and finally calling it ‘home’. It was a journey through roads, mountains, strangers’ houses, hugs of old and new friends, love and rage, burned clutches and last-minute welds, a journey that made me understand better what spirit and desire for knowledge I would carry forward this adventure and the rest of my life with. I haven’t found who I am, this is still to be discovered, but who I want to be.

I’ve been telling parts of trip on my Facebook profile with daily posts and I also had several opportunities to talk to a wider audience thanks to the friends of NO BORDERS MAGAZINE and Young Radio, Giulia, Matteo and Christian, for whom I wrote an article in two parts and for which I also participated in a radio interview for the Senza Frontiere radio show in June In 2015, for all this I have to thank my old friend Massimiliano that made this happen.

Here are the links to my own English adaptation to the article NO BORDERS MAGAZINE publication
100 days to fall in love with Italy

Interview at Senza Frontiere -Young Radio (In Italian – no translation)

At the end of my trip my dear friend René also hosted me at what was his cafe IL COSMONAUTA in Forlì where I could tell my adventures to the audience in the hall and the ones connected via Hangouts.

Here is the streaming recordings on YouTube (In Italian language – no subtitles)

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