A project about

My Dreams and Your Dreams

I ride my Harley around the World pursuing the dreams of a lifetime, trying to help others to realise theirs.
I Believe that If we all would live our life with the constant intent to realise our dreams we would live in happiness.
I also believe that Happiness is something each one of us deserves, should strive for and preserve.

Live by example

After a long time preaching this concept I decided that it was time for me to ‘live by example’.
This project begins trying to shape up a new style of life for myself, a nomadic life that focuses on the realisation of small and big dreams and desires of mines that I have grown inside for a long time.
Many people has helped me in a million of different ways whenever I lost focus on my dreams, when my happiness has been at stake, it could have been a smile, the right words at the right time, a nice gesture, a good advise when I had doubts or just ‘telling me off’ when I was doing the wrong thing. I’ve been very lucky to receive this kind of support.

A very small good deed can change someones lives and even a small drop can add up to make an ocean

What if I could do the same for someone else? To help a friend or even a stranger to live a happier life, one thing that I can certainly do is to testify with my journey that nothing is impossible if you really want it to happen, and as frequently as it’s possible I’ll try to take with me anyone that wants to join me on the road.

The pursuit of happiness

With this project I want to learn new things, make things, learn how to express myself in as many forms that I can master and return all of this in teaching one day. I’ll try to improve myself and become a better person.
If I won’t achieve all of those ambitious targets, what matters is that I will have lived every single instant of my life in the pursuit of happiness.

My hope is that this challenging project will be of example to others
inspiring some to make their dreams come true
helping them to be more happy.

This is what The Journey of Dreams is all about.