A list for a better life on Earth

Buy Less

The space on my motorbike is limited, if I take something I should leave behind something… but almost everything I already have is essential, and I won’t throw anything that can still be of use. At the most I will gift you some when I don’t need it anymore.

Waste Less

Everything that passes in my hands is never of single use, I cannot afford to waste money, so I try to find multiple uses for a single item, Plus I love the environment and I try to never leave anything behind. I always try to repurpose everything.

Live More

Do whatever I always dreamt to do in my life. Say no more, that’s why I started this project. To actually DO things.

Love More

One of the reasons to be wandering around the world is to augment my relations with other people, and live the ‘human experience’ at every occasion that shows up.

Laugh More

I believe it comes as a consequence of the above factors all together, which create the adventures you will soon or later laugh about with your friends.

Give More

I try to give everything I can, and to gift anything that is no more essential but may make a difference to someone else, because any gesture, object and word left to another human is a seed for a friendship and for a better world. It’s also to testify that we are not owned to the things that belongs to us and to show others that giving is the most powerful fuel for happiness.

Ask More

We need to teach ourselves to accept more from others and to ask when in need.
This is essential for the purpose to GIVE MORE. If no one is ready to take, no one will have the chance to give. We are all very generous, but we are all very scared to accept gifts, random acts of kindness, or simply a nice word from a stranger. That’s just a bad habit we should ditch at the speed of light to give others the opportunity to give.

Share More

What’s the joy of owning something beautiful, of being happy, of having the opportunity to do awesome things or being in an awesome place if we cannot share it with the people we love, or with a complete stranger that could become our best friends.
We give ourselves infinite chances every time we perform “random act of sharing”.