The man who left with a cup of coffee and came back with a tea pot

I don’t know if this is the tale of a dream becoming true, in fact in the far July the 30th 2008 , when I arrived at Victoria station in London my expectations where really limited.
I wanted to stay just for a few months, I didn’t even know if I would find a job to pay the hostel for the following weeks.
I was victim of a few decisions which turns out there where not so good and a some unfortunate events out of my control, I didn’t have many dreams at that time but many worries and not much trust in the future.
I literally lived with less than three pounds per day.

What I always had was strong will and with a bit of good luck that fate owed me, I was able to find a small job in an Italian restaurant just a few hour after my arrival. I applied as a waiter. They put me to wash pots and dishes, prepare salads and make lasagna.
I didn’t last much. My choice.
From then the fortune of accurate choices become a precious companion.
But it’s not here and now that I will tell you the story of my life.

What I what to tell you is that those few months turned into seven years of stay in the land of Albion.
In the while I started preferring a good cup of black tea with a drop milk no sugar, to coffee.
For breakfast I ditched milk and biscuits and dedicated to eggs and bacon.
Now I dream in English and I have friends from thirty different nations spread over all the continents.

As a result, last week I flu to London for a few days and among the many things done, on February the 25th 2015, the date of my 34th birthday, I was granted British citizenship.

More than a dream (jn fact I would have never dreamt of it), I can say that this is the result of many fatigues, renounces and changes.

In the beginning, when I decided to to take this second citizenship I did it because I could and it was a unique opportunity. Anyway, during the necessary process of studying, this opportunistic thinking rapidly changed in an operation of gratitude, I understood that my real intention was to say ‘THANK YOU’ to this nation for all the good that brought to me, for changing my thinking and to expanded my horizons.

If I wasn’t for the process of transformation during the years spent in the British soil now I would still dreaming of World tour instead of being in it.

Because of all of this, as a British citizen and an Italian citizen, I thank the United Kingdom to have make this person a better one and for giving me the opportunity to live life as I desire it.

Posted on March 6, 2015 in Journal

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