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  • Isabel Garcia-Hernandez

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  • Each Catrina represent a the typical dress of different states of Mexico

La Catrineria - Isabel Garcia-Hernandez

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Dear friends I am very proud to introduce to you the new shiny website de La Catrineria.

La Catrineria is an artistic project and business by my Mexican friend Isabel, from the city of Puebla.

Isabel is a renown ‘cartonera’ artist (cardboard crafter). She is specialised in the production of Catrines, Catrinas y Alebrijes, she’s being doing this for the past 10 years as well as she’s been delivering course to teach people about this beautiful Mexican tradition.

Me, as The Journey Of Dreams, I wanted to help Isabel to get her deserved recognition around the world, so I have helped her developing her new website and will help her to promote her art and production in Europe.

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