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#days of #beauty was born as an exercise I proposed to a fried to help her rediscovering beauty and positivity in a moment of life when everything looked dark and difficult around her and anything she would be looking at was appearing at her eyes negative and hostile.

The idea behind this simple practice is to frame in a photograph something beautiful each day, the objective is to keep you constantly aware of what is happening around you and have your eyes and mind ready to identify what is “beauty” for you.

In my opinion the concept of beauty is extended to well-being and positivity.

Rediscovering beauty is rediscovering what is good in life

a way to see that a half-empty glass can be good as it is and can be refilled at any time. Improving our ability to perceive the beauty that constantly surrounds us allows goodness to swipe away the shade of sadness, fears and negativity that at times insinuate in our hearts.

In the pursuit for beauty your world turns colourful and cheerful
You start noticing smiling people, amazing play of light, the surreal mathematical shapes of flowers and all sort of magical wonders that nature conceal in the tiniest or the biggest of its creations. Problems feel more easy to manage until some even turn into opportunities.

While suggesting this game to my friend I decided to play along and in the summer 2015 I started methodically capturing pictures of what most represented beauty to me, publishing them on Instagram with the tags #beauty #dayX, almost every day.

I struggled to understand what was really worth capturing at the very beginning, but only a few weeks later it turned quite difficult to make a decision of which of the many beauties I was surrounded was the one I would have published that day. One year has gone since I started to play this life-changing game and yet I have not stopped.

I have collected in this book a selection of my favourite 100 shots of #beauty which I have taken in a frame of time that has seen me traveling through Italy, Greece, Croatia, France, England, Spain, Canary Islands and Canada.

I wish you want to start playing with me taking pictures of what beauty you will notice today, tomorrow and any other day from this moment on. You may use the tags #beauty, #day1, #day2 #day3 and so on.

If you want to show your appreciation for this book you can also tag #tjofdreams and @tjofdreams.

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