Bacon On Wheels (#motopancetta)

There’s no better way to make friends than looking for them among the people that share your passions.

I’m mainly talking about the bacon… and motorbike for me is just a way get to the bacon faster!

This is how I found myself to ride at near 0°C this past morning by Passo de La Colla, just to get a fried eggs and bacon breakfast.

To begin with, as soon as I got to the meeting point to join other fellow bikers (which I never met before), I was offered a first breakfast made of Cappuccino and Krapfen – and I’m already in love -.

A few minutes later at the petrol station, when my card was not accepted, someone even paid for my fuel (Hey my friend! I can’t remember your name but I owe you one!).

And then we rode on the mountains and was pure joy!

I didn’t expect to find so many people up there. And surprisingly enough I wasn’t the only one with an Harley.
I had the chance to listen to some crazy stories and meet crazy people and  we ended up talking about dreams (every one there is a Dreamer), and then we eat bacon and eggs…followed by a proper lunch in a local osteria.

How could I not love to be a biker when these are the perks?
Please enjoy a few pics:
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Posted on January 4, 2015 in Journal, Travels

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