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100 days to fall in love with Italy

These are the links to the content in Italian published on NO BORDERS MAGAZINE website: Il Viaggio Dei Sogni – pt.1 Il Viaggio Dei Sogni – pt.2 Immersing into and surfacing from the Tube in London has always made me feel like a character of Super Mario Land that descending into manholes in a point of…

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The man who left with a cup of coffee and came back with a tea pot

I don’t know if this is the tale of a dream becoming true, in fact in the far July the 30th 2008 , when I arrived at Victoria station in London my expectations where really limited. I wanted to stay just for a few months, I didn’t even know if I would find a job…

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A Party With Friends, The Winter Bikers 2015

“A party among friends open to everyone” this is how the Winter Bikers is quoted by anyone that has ever took part to the event. This is in fact the way that Sergio, Wizz and many more of the staff members I had the chance to chat with did describe the Winter Bikers to me.…

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How to build motorcycle wheel chains

Preparing for the 2015 edition of the Elefantentreffen I built the chains for my motorcycle following a few advises collected here and there in internet and adding a personal touch. This is the video tutorial that I made to show how to build one chain. I made 13 chains for the rear wheel and 10…

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Bacon On Wheels (#motopancetta)

There’s no better way to make friends than looking for them among the people that share your passions. I’m mainly talking about the bacon… and motorbike for me is just a way get to the bacon faster! This is how I found myself to ride at near 0°C this past morning by Passo de La Colla, just to get a fried…

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The Shadow-Line

Boarding this ferry that takes me away from my adoptive home, the Great Britain, my new life begins. I’m not starting from scratch, I’m leaving no past on my back, I have not reset my debts. The ship I’m sailing is the same with the same cargo. But it’s me the captain today and like…

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Official Uniform Rehearsal

military helmet real vintage goggles beard-ski and Hawaiian shirt is anything missing?

A new plan for a ride in the west coast of Scotland

What do you think about this plan? any suggestion for CouchSurfers or Wild Camping areas? Km Miles Time real time 27/08/2014 Thurso Ulapool 223 138.55 04:00 05:19 27/08/2014 Ulapool Torridon 137 85.12 02:30 03:19 28/08/2014 Torridon Applecross 44 27.34 01:00 01:19 28/08/2014 Applecross Isle of Skye 65 40.38 01:15 01:39 28/08/2014 Isle of Skye Kyle…

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Scotland: a dress-reharsal for the Journey of Dreams

This year I will leave the UK and start wandering around the world with my Milwaukee ‘tractor’ (an Harley-Davidson Sportster). Before engaging in this new life adventure I want to discover Scotland which unfortunately I never had the chance to visit in my six years in Britain. My travel through Scotland will be between Saturday…

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CouchSurfing and the roots of The Journey Of Dreams

I do CouchSurfing To learn new things. To meet people alike. To live The Human Experience. To find inspiration for my life and travels. To find the courage of other to do crazy things and process it to give myself the strength will to pursue my dreams. Last summer I didn’t have much money to…

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