A Party With Friends, The Winter Bikers 2015

“A party among friends open to everyone” this is how the Winter Bikers is quoted by anyone that has ever took part to the event. This is in fact the way that Sergio, Wizz and many more of the staff members I had the chance to chat with did describe the Winter Bikers to me. Now that my skin absorbed this awesome experience, I couldn’t agree more with this description.

I arrive in the morning and everyone treats me like I’m one of them, when I mention my name some already knows me because of our conversations by chat. Everybody is busy giving the best of his spirit of amusement to make their work a party in itself.

My little few patches on my vest sell out my inexperience as a ‘biker’ nonetheless I am able to laugh, joke and tease with the ease of an old friend people I had never met before in my life, in return I get more jokes, a handshake and a very warm welcome. They already know that me too, one day, will collect much more trophies to stitch on.

the Winter bikers is a place for passionate adventurers, dreamers, for people that needs and wants to share, it is the ideal marketplace to exchange opinions and experiences about old travels or travels in preparation or just for ideas for future ones and new dreams.

The majority of the people that I met during this week-end had already took part to at least a dozen editions of Winter Bikers, Elefantentreffen or both in conjunctions with a large number of other rallies; there are friends that regroup like families every year for an improvised BBQ on the flame of a camping stove. Among them they usually know each other by “road name” only: Lupo (Wolf), Nonno (Grandpa), Wizz, Tramo, Babbo (Daddy), Mike… they do not know much about each other’s private lives, but everyone knows that they are here for a moment of entertainment, sharing and sincerity.
With this people I spoke for two entire days about travels and Dreams.

During this party you exchange dreams as if they were football players collecting cards, some dreams are the same for everyone, some are one of a kind, others instead need the contribution of dreams from others to show the full picture.
Everyone has his own dream, many are striving to grow it and make it real, some more fortunate is living it right here right now, as it’s happening to me.

It’s not only about emotions and chats that you live the Winter Bikers, the entertainment is not defecting at all, in facts, after the rally -(where everyone has the chance to show-off her beloved ride), I am forcibly enrolled to compete in the traditional challenges of slow-riding and barrel-pushing… the beginner’s luck allows me to almost reach the podium on both specialities. I even win a prize and gain popularity among the crowd with people that congratulates me, cheers for me or offers me a shot of grappa (the kind of offer you would never turn down!).

It’s almost night; I’m sitting around the campfire in a sort of meditation. I taste some mulled wine, smoking my pipe like a old shaman and listening to the stories told by the people sitting next to me. Their kind of adventures once looked to me so beyond my capabilities but now, after being told by the ones who lived them, they look much closer. They become possible.
The popularity from the challenges shows its perks, in fact a few people come to me to congratulate again for the afternoon races, I take this at my advantage ad I start asking questions about their experiences and adventures so to make them more and more within my grasp, to be sources for new ideas.

The days during a Winter Bikers have no other way to end if not with the waves of Rock and Metal by cover bands of Rammstein and AC/DC (my favourites), and a band that deserves an important mention is the Phoenix a 80’s Hard Rock band which members are exclusively girls full of SHATTERING ENERGY!

When this experience is over it’s like you have been through a shower of energy that warms your skin and an strengthens your bones.
When this experience is over you have loads of new friends and fresh ideas.

WintrBiikers2015_ticqfoAlthough my exhaustion after two cold nights at very low degrees and very low sleep time I reach home with still a bit of energy just enough to think about all that just happened and to get to my laptop with the intention to message a few people which name I don’t want to forget and I’m caught by surprise when I notice I have already received a dozen of messages and requests between Facebook ad WhatsApp from people that wants to keep dreaming together.

I now understand that I am not the only one who has lived the Winter Bikers as moment to be inspired by life.

Thanks to all the friends of the Moto Club Winter Bikers of Faenza that worked hard, day and night, for a whole week-end to make all of this possible for me and for the other participants.

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