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Your safety and mine is my priority.

If that sounds boring, believe me it is not, riding an Harley is a unique experience, we have a saying:

If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand!

I always take a spare helmet with me, I aways make sure to have plenty of space for you to take your backpack.
Just make sure to wear gloves, protective jacket and closed shoes.

You can sit on my ride or come with your own if that suites you!


  • We can do a motorcycle tour of your city, or the place we are both visiting.
  • We can travel together for a few days or weeks from a place to another.

How do you get all of this? just contact me via email, Facebook or CouchSurfing

I won’t ask for money. In return I’ll make friend with you. deal?

Here a few testimonial that survived this experience:

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